Buttered Chickweed

Buttered Chickweed

Chickweed is a plant which has got huge number of benefits. Consuming this helps in weight loss removing the excess fat from your body. It cleanses and improves your sin by acting as a best medicine to remove rashes from your face and body. It is a good remedy for digestions and stomach related problems. It also rectifies blood disorders and other inflammations. This also has antiseptic property which can heal the wound effectively. You can stay healthy and happy consuming this best medicinal plant. Include these in your daily diet and get a body free from obesity. This is not any toxic kinds of plant and is safe to use. You can consume this in variety ways and buttered chickweed would be something which can make you fall in love with its taste. You can easily prepare this recipe and make this one of your favorite.



Chickweed leaves: 2 cups

Butter – 3 table spoon

One medium sized onion – chopped

Pepper- half table spoon

Salt- half tablespoon

Preparation method:

  • Wash chickweed well and you can keep it some hot water for some time.
  • Take some water and keep for boil and add salt in it.
  • Once it starts boiling, add chickweed leaves into it. Cook it till the water completely drains. Keep this aside.
  • Take a frying pan and put some butter in it. After the butter melts add chickweed leaves, little salt and pepper sauté everything well and turn off the fire.

The butter chickweed is now ready to eat.