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Spinach ( Paalakkeerai ) Dosa

PrintSpinach ( Paalakkeerai ) Dosa See Detailed Nutrition Info on Ingredients Raw rice -1cup Parboiled rice -1cup Spinach(Palakkeerai) -1cup Urad dhal -1/4cup Green chili -3 Cumin -1spoon Oil, Salt -Needed amount InstructionsSoak and grind the raw rice, parboiled rice and urad dhal each separately. Add salt and mix all the flour. Chop the grind the steamed spinach (paalakkeerai). Add the mixture of spinach, cumin and green chili to the above… Read Article →

Oats Dosa

PrintOats Dosa See Detailed Nutrition Info on Ingredients Oats -1cup Semolina -1/4cup Bengal gram flour -1/4gm Buttermilk -2 cups Green chili -4 Onion -2 Cashew nuts -5 Pepper -1spoon Cumin -1spoon Salt -Needed amount InstructionsGrind the oats nicely using electric mixer. Mix the oats flour, Bengal gram flour and salt in the butter milk and stir well. Break the cashew nuts into pieces. Grind pepper and cumin into powder. Chop… Read Article →

Mushroom Dosa

PrintMushroom Dosa See Detailed Nutrition Info on Ingredients Mushroom -1cup Dosa flour -2cup Chopped onion -1/4cup Pepper powder -1spoon Cumin powder -1spoon Gravy powder -1spoon Garlic paste -2cloves Oil, Salt -Needed amount InstructionsChopp the onion and fry deeply. Also add garlic, pepper powder, gravy masala, and salt with onion and fry deeply. Fry the chopped mushroom with the above mixture, add some water and close the pan for a while… Read Article →

Black Nightshade ( Manathakkali ) Pachadi

PrintBlack Nightshade ( Manathakkali ) Pachadi See Detailed Nutrition Info on Ingredients Sundried Black nightshade (manathakkali vattral in tamil) -1 cup Curd -1cup Oil for frying -2spoon Mustard -1/4spoon Asafoetida powder -1/4spoon Red chili -2 Curry leaves -Small amount Salt -small amount InstructionsAdd oil in a pan and heat it. After heating splutter the black Sundried Black nightshade and keep aside separately. Now splutter the mustard with red chili, asafoetida… Read Article →

Fenugreek Leaves ( venthayam ) Dhal

PrintFenugreek Leaves Dhal See Detailed Nutrition Info on Ingredients Fenugreek leaves -1cup Onion -1 Tomato -2 Green chili -2 Toor Dhal -1/4cup Moong Dhal -1spoon Oil -1spoon Mustard -1/4spoon Red chili -2 Turmeric powder -1/4spoon Asafoetida powder -1/4spoon InstructionsCook both the moong dhal and toor dhal and keep ready. Heat the oil in pan and splutter with mustard, red chili and fry ingredients like asafoetida, turmeric powder, and green chili…. Read Article →

Wheat Semolina ( Rava | Suji ) Idly

PrintWheat Semolina (Rava) Idli See Detailed Nutrition Info on Ingredients Wheat semolina -2cup Curd -1cup Ghee -1spoon Oil -1spoon Mustard -1/2spoon Green chili -1 Ginger -1piece Coriander leaves -small amount Curry leaves -small amount Asafoetida powder -1/2 spoon Salt -Small amount InstructionsFry the wheat semolina to the medium of golden color without applying any oil. Keep the fried semolina aside. Heat both the ghee and oil in a pan, splutter… Read Article →

Horse Gram ( Kollu Paruppu ) Rice

PrintHorse Gram Rice See Detailed Nutrition Info on Ingredients Rice -2cups Horse gram -1/2 cup Pepper powder -1spoon Cumin powder -1/2spoon Green chili -2 Tomato -2 Ginger -1piece Brinjal -2 Tamarind juice -3spoon Mustard, urad dhal, curry leaves, leaves -small amount InstructionsPressure cook the rice and keep ready. Powder the horse gram. Pour little oil in the pan and heat it, after heating add tomato, brinjal and fry it in… Read Article →

Ivy Gourd ( Kovakkai ) Gravy

    Ingredients: Ivy gourd                     -250gm Tamarind                    -Marble size Turmeric powder        -1/4spoon Coriander powder       -2spoon Onion                          -2 Tomato                        -2 Oil, Salt                       –Needed amount Red Chili                      -2 Mustard                      -1/2spoon Dill                               -1/2spoon Curry leaves                -Small amount Preparation Methods: v  Chop the ivy gourd, onion and tomato. v  Crush and take the tamarind juice. v  Take oil in a pan and heat for… Read Article →

Plantain Flower (Vazhaipoo) Usili

PrintPlantain Flower / Vazhaipoo Usili See Detailed Nutrition Info on Ingredients Plantain flower – 1 Oil – 1 spoon Mustard – 1 spoon Black gram – 1 spoon Curry leaves – Little amount Salt – 1 spoon Red gram – 1 cup Red chili – 8 Asefoetid – Little amount InstructionsRemove the inner substances of plantain flower and chop into pieces. Crush the soaked red gram into semi solid state…. Read Article →