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Choose berry

Choose berry Ingredients: Cashew nets(choppes) : 1 cup Dates : 1 cup Egg : 2 Baking powder :1 table spoon Sugar : 1 cup All purpose flor(maida) : 3/4 cup Vennila : 1 table spoon Salt : 1/4 table spoon PreHeat the owen 180/350 degree Preparation Procedure: Refined flour ,salt, baking powder. Add beated egg, cashew net, dates. Bake in oven, cut into pieces. Spray salt over pieces.

Vegetable Fritters (Pakoda)

Vegetable Fritters (Pakoda) Ingredients: cabbage : 150 grams carrot : 100 grams onion : 2 green capsicum :1 red capsicum : 1 chilli sauce : 2 table spoon soya sauce : 1 table spoon tomato sauce : 1/2 table spoon instant vegetable powder : 1/2 table spoon sweet less rusk powder : 2 table spoon corn flour : 1 table spoon black gram : 2 table spoon maida : 1/2… Read Article →

Getting a way beyond traditional caterers

Corporations hold meetings and other gatherings for important reasons. Sometimes it is done to meet up with the clients, sometimes it is done for the employees and for a host of other business and promotional needs as well. During such professional meetings, you would not want to be in a situation where you cannot take part in the main program because of problem with the food arrangements.  To avoid something… Read Article →

An Enjoyable Night With The Kids Is Possible

You’ve been there, sitting at a nice quiet table with your friends, enjoying a tasty cocktail and a delicious meal when all of a sudden a child’s shreik is heard from across the room. Your thoughts immediately go out to the parents who are simply trying to enjoy an evening out with the kids. Taking your kids out for a night on the town can be a lovely, memorable experience, … Read Article →

Take Your Taste Buds On An Adventure With South African Food

Foodies are constantly looking for the next big thing. A few years ago it was all about North African cuisine, and we went mad buying ceramic tagines, dates and couscous. Then we went Japanese crazy, with sales of miso and sushi rice going through the roof. You’d be forgiven for thinking that there aren’t many undiscovered cuisines left, but many experts seem to think that the next big thing is… Read Article →

BBQ Sauce Guide

A tasty BBQ sauce is priceless. A BBQ sauce can make or break an otherwise tasty meal. While most people will buy their favorite brand of BBQ sauce from the local grocery store, there is actually a lot more to the sauce than meets the eye. Store bough sauces often times don’t capture the unique local flavor that some people have come ot know and love with their bbq. First… Read Article →

How To Buy Top Wines For Less

The top wines that you can find are usually not as cheap as you’d like. Fortunately, there are ways to get the best wines for less if you know where to look. Make sure that you take the time to explore your options and find the best wines for your needs, no matter what you have in mind. There’s something out there for everyone, giving you the chance to get… Read Article →

Assuring Great Hygiene Standards In An Independent Cafeacute

Owning your own café or tea rooms is a really lovely idea and it’s something that definitely captures people’s imaginations from time to time. Wouldn’t it be great to have your own little spot, decorated in the way you love, to contribute to a community in a positive way? Of course, when you actually take the next step and start this kind of business, there are loads of practical things… Read Article →

Quick Guide To Placing A Pizza Order Online

Ordering pizza, as we all have done over the years over the phone is still the most popular way to get pizza delivered to our homes. Then again, as times change and improve, we have to adapt as well and find new ways to do old things. It looks like things are changing with respect to ordering pizza with the introduction of online facilities to order pizza as against doing… Read Article →

Great tasting ways to lose weight

Many diets contain different recipes that do not always taste great. If you want to lose weight, but you don’t want your food to be bland, there are many different things you can do. It is a good idea to look at blending your food as you can make many of your meals taste great when they are packed into a smoothie. Here are some great ways to lose weight… Read Article →