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Understanding the facts of Tinnitus. How do home remedies work?

We must prioritize our health and quality of life at all times. It is essential that we pay attention to every aspect that has to do with our well-being and especially in sensitive areas such as our hearing.   Tinnitus or tinnitus produce a sound that does not exist in the environment, and it is somewhat irritating because its intensity can be perceived much more strongly in the early morning… Read Article →

Was It All A Lie? How Americans Were Manipulated By The Sugar Industry

Science is just beginning to understand how fat and sugars work in the body – or is it? About five decades ago, an all-out war was waged on fats. A specific type of fat, saturated fat, was identified as a health risk. A campaign was unleashed on the American population to convince them that dietary fat made you unhealthy, and that it was the cause of growing obesity rates. What… Read Article →