Chicken Piccata with Capers

Chicken Piccata with Capers

Piccata is a traditional method of preparing meats that originated from Italian cuisine. For this recipe we will be using chicken breast as the main ingredient for our piccata.



4 pieces chicken breasts, deboned, skinned and butterflied in half

All-purpose flour as needed for dredging

½ cup butter

½ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 cup chicken stock  

½ cup capers

½ cup fresh parsley, coarsely chopped

salt to taste

pepper to taste



Place the chicken breasts in between 2 pieces of wax paper then roll with a rolling pin until flat. Season the chicken with salt and pepper, and then dredge in flour. Set aside.

In a pan, heat the olive oil then melt the butter in it. Once very hot, place the chicken breast in the pan and cook for 5 minutes or until golden brown. Remove the chicken from heat once its done.

Using the same pan after the chicken has been removed, place the lemon juice, chicken stock and capers then bring to a boil. Return the chicken breasts into the pan and cook for 5-6 minutes. Place the chicken breasts on a plate then drizzle the remaining juice mixture as a sauce.