Chrysanthemum Greens Pesto

Chrysanthemum Greens Pesto

Chrysanthemum Greens are the popular vegetables which you can find large quantities in Asia. These are consumed as raw and cooked. The cooked will be more comfortable for everyone to get its taste. The chrysanthemum leaves keeps you healthy providing various health benefits. It includes protecting you from kidney related problems and other diseases like lung cancer. This also a great remedy for weight loss. Its antioxidant features are also is very excellent. The stalks of these fresh vegetable is very crunchy and has got a sweet taste. There are varieties of preparations which can be done with this awesome vegetable. You can even mix it with salads or soups. The specialties of these stalks are it gets cooked within few minutes and therefore you should take care while you cook these. Trying a Chrysanthemum Greens pesto would be something excellent to taste and its recipe is as given below. Try this easy trick recipe to taste and enjoy keeping yourself healthy.

Chrysanthemum Greens – 1 cup full
Garlic- 1 clove
Pine nuts- 3 table spoon
Olive oil- 2 table spoon
Salt- as required
Cheese- 2 table spoon

Preparation method:

  • Take  a frying pan and add some oil in it
  • After the oil heats up, and pine nuts and deep fry them
  • Keep it cool for sometime
  • Put garlic , fried pine nuts, cheese, olive oil, and required salt in a  blender
  • Blend everything well

Chrysanthemum Greens pesto is ready to serve which has a good aroma and taste.