Dandelion Root Coffee

Dandelion Root Coffee

Coffee as we know it is a drink that’s brewed from roasted coffee beans. But did you know that you could substitute a lot of ingredients for coffee? One such example is using dandelion root as a replacement. Dandelion root has many healthy properties when consumed. It cleanses the liver and purifies the blood. It has been known to aid in keeping conditions such as hypertension and hypoglycemia in check. Just as coffee beans are roasted to get the full effects of its properties, we must also roast dandelion root in order to tap its potential to the fullest.



½ cup roasted dandelion root
8 cups water


There are many ways to roast dandelion root. To achieve a refined taste, we recommend that you use a professional roasting machine, or if you do not have one available, it’s perfectly fine to use a pan or skillet. Once you’ve roasted your dandelion root to a dark hue, ground it with a machine or with a mortar and pestle. Next, boil the root in a saucepan or pot until you get a dark golden brown color. Strain the impurities using a small mesh strainer, or run the mixture through cheese cloth.