Fruity Celery Juice

 Fruity Celery Juice

If you are looking for a nutritious drink which is of low calories and an effective weight loss then try out this wonderful recipe of fruity celery juice. It is a best remedy to make you healthy and burn out your excess fat on your body making you slim and physically strong. It has got lots of health benefits and gives you a good protection from all kinds of diseases like cancer and inflammation diseases. Your skin texture can be improved and it acts as a good cleanser to your body.   It is very easy to prepare this amazing drink in a short time. You can take fruits which are rich in vitamins like apple, green apple, orange etc. Celery is a great vegetable which is very rich in vitamins. Lemon is an amazing fat burner which plays a great role in the drink if you add it. Enjoy this very beneficial drink and have a healthy fit body.


2 Fresh Celery stalks
4 Carrot
3 Green Apple
Half Cucumber
One table spoon Lemon juice

Preparation method:

  • Wash thoroughly the fruits and vegetables and chop it into small pieces. Put celery, carrot, green apple and cucumber into juicer.
  • Pour half cup of water into it. Blend everything nicely.  
  • Open the juicer and add one table spoon of lemon into it. Blend it once more.

The fresh and easy celery juice is now ready which you can serve immediately to get an effective result. This is a great drink for everyone.