Herb Salt

Herb Salt

If you are really looking for something to improve your overall health, then you should not miss to use herb as your diet supplement. This has got lots of health nutrients thereby making your body boosts up the metabolism and immunity power. Herbs consists of vitamins, essential oils, nutrients, antioxidant features etc in making your body fight against germs and other problems like detoxification. Herbs have got numerous health benefits and try to include this in your daily life. One of the best features of herb is that it can protect you from Alzheimer’s diseases and also other dangerous diseases like cancer. It can control and balance the blood and cholesterol level in your body. Consuming herb in the form of herb salt will be a wonderful idea to keep your family safe and healthy. Preparing herb salt is now very easy which you can use for your cooking purposes.


Fresh herbs- 3 cups
Salt- half cup

Preparation method:

  • Wash the herbs very well removing the stems and discolored leaves.
  • Dry the herbs
  • Chop the herb leaves and add some salt on its top. Continue doing this till you get a uniform mixture
  • You can also use a food processor if you are tired of chopping leaves! Just put the salt and herbs in a  food processor is also a good choice
  • Once the mixture is ready you can keep it in fridge for 7 days so as to get it flavored.

With this simple recipe, you can try making a homemade herb salt which can bring you lots of health benefits.