Ingredients  for Gum Paste :

  • Icing sugar                                                      500g
  • Corn Flour                                                       50g
  • Luke warm water                                            1tsp
  • Egg  White                                                      1nos.
  • Gelatin                                                             15g

Preparation Method for Gum Paste:

  •  Place the sifted icing sugar and starch on a wooden surface and make a well in the centre.
  • Pour in the luke warm water.
  • Put the egg white in a bain marie and heat gently. Stirring with your finger tips. Pour this mixture into the well add the lemon juice and knead together. Gradually drawing the icing sugar and starch into the centre.
  • You should have a affirm but malleable paste.
  • If it seems too firm add a dropt luke warm water.
  • Immediately wrap the pastillage in a sheet of polythene so that if does not dry out or crack.