Lizard’s Tail Tea

Lizard’s Tail Tea

Lizard’s tail is a type of flowering plant that is indigenous in most Asian countries. Grown as a leaf vegetable, lizard’s tail has a slightly fish-like flavor, making it less popular amongst other herbs such as mint and basil. However, it has been used in traditional folk medicine as a detoxification agent, with its leaves dried and made into tea.


1 liter water
1 cup dried lizard’s tail
2 tablespoons honey
2 lemon wedges


Using a kettle, bring water to a boil. Make sure that you only boil water once, as reduced oxygen levels will contribute to tea that has diminished flavor.
Grind the lizard’s tail using a grinder. Place the ground leaves into a strainer. This ensures that your tea is filtered and contains no bits or sediments. Place the strainer in a pot or any other suitable vessel. Pour the hot water through the strainer then place a lid on top. Let your tea sit for a couple of minutes to allow the drink to brew properly. Remove the strainer along with the leaves then pour the remaining liquid into a cup. Use a small wire mesh strainer to ensure that there are no leaves remaining. Squeeze fresh lemon juice and serve with honey if desired.