Mayan Chaya Cream Soup

Mayan Chaya Cream Soup

This is an energetic and delicious soup which is rich in vitamins and super delight. As the name indicates ‘maya’ which is the medicinal plant having lot of health benefits. It is a leaf which looks similar to spinach. It does the numerous health benefits including protection from disease like anemia, clears the vision, and reduces weight and cholesterol by improving metabolism. It is rich in calcium and protein.  You will really love this delicious soup. The below is the recipe to prepare the sweet mayan chaya cream soup which is very easy to prepare making it your daily diet. This beautiful soup can make your day fresh and healthy


Chaya leaves- 25 nos

Milk – 2 cups full

Basil leaves – 5 nos

Small onion – 1

crushed garlic- 1 table spoon

Chicken bouillon- 1 cup full

Pepper – half table spoon

Salt – as required

Preparation method:

  • Wash chaya leaves well and  make it ready
  • Take a pot and put chaya leaves together with chopped onion and crushed garlic
  • Put chicken bouillon into the pot and cook for sometime
  • Add milk into this and keep everything to cool and become set
  • Mix everything well and cook for some more time
  • Put a pinch of salt and pepper and wait till it become super hot

If you want you can add some cream on the top and now it’s ready to serve. This sweet soup would become your favorite at the first taste itself.