Moong Dal Rice – Preparation Method

Moong Dal Rice

Moong Dal Rice


  • Rice -1cup
  • Moong Dal -1/2cup
  • Garlic -10 Pieces
  • Pepper Powder -1Table spoon
  • Cumin Powder -1Table spoon
  • Oil -2Table spoon
  • Onion -1
  • Green Chili -2
  • Turmeric Powder -1/2 Table spoon
  • Mustard - Little amount
  • Curry leaves -small amount
  • Coriander leaves - small amount
  • Black gram/Vigna Mungo -1/2 Table spoon


  1. ? Boil the rice and Moong dal separately and keep aside.
  2. ? Heat the oil in wok and splutter some mustard and white gram(Ulutham paruppu in tamil).
  3. ? Add chopped onion, curry leaves, green chili and sauté it nicely.
  4. ? When the onions become golden brown add pepper powder and cumin powder.
  5. ? Next add the cooked rice and moong dal to the above masala and mix well. Finally garnish the dish with chopped coriander leaves.