Braised Collards with Tomatoes

Braised Collards with Tomatoes Collards are the most popular vegetable which has been known to be in the list of world’s healthiest food. It is very rich in calcium, carbohydrates, vitamins, potassium, magnesium etc. Consuming this can make you healthy and free from various serious kinds of diseases. If you are facing heart diseases and diabetes then in taking this useful green vegetable would be the best option. Another benefit… Read Article →

Chrysanthemum Greens Pesto

Chrysanthemum Greens Pesto Chrysanthemum Greens are the popular vegetables which you can find large quantities in Asia. These are consumed as raw and cooked. The cooked will be more comfortable for everyone to get its taste. The chrysanthemum leaves keeps you healthy providing various health benefits. It includes protecting you from kidney related problems and other diseases like lung cancer. This also a great remedy for weight loss. Its antioxidant… Read Article →

Roasted Chinese Mallow

Roasted Chinese Mallow Chinese mallow is a useful plant which is very nutritious. This is a good remedy to make your body slim and fit. Pregnant ladies find its use soon after the delivery to start the flow of milk from breast. There are many positive uses which this amazing magical plant can give to you. Kidney problems are now solved using Chinese mallow. This has got a good flavor… Read Article →

Stir-Fried Chicory

Stir-Fried Chicory Chicory is the top plant found mostly in Europe which acts as a good fiber to foods. To have a good health and physically fit body, include chicory in your daily life. The heart issues, diabetic problems, the commonly faced digestive issues can be completely healed by using this effective root. The extract of chicory plays a great roe in reducing the tumor cell growth and thereby protecting… Read Article →

Buttered Chickweed

Buttered Chickweed Chickweed is a plant which has got huge number of benefits. Consuming this helps in weight loss removing the excess fat from your body. It cleanses and improves your sin by acting as a best medicine to remove rashes from your face and body. It is a good remedy for digestions and stomach related problems. It also rectifies blood disorders and other inflammations. This also has antiseptic property… Read Article →

Mayan Chaya Cream Soup

Mayan Chaya Cream Soup This is an energetic and delicious soup which is rich in vitamins and super delight. As the name indicates ‘maya’ which is the medicinal plant having lot of health benefits. It is a leaf which looks similar to spinach. It does the numerous health benefits including protection from disease like anemia, clears the vision, and reduces weight and cholesterol by improving metabolism. It is rich in… Read Article →

Fruity Celery Juice

 Fruity Celery Juice If you are looking for a nutritious drink which is of low calories and an effective weight loss then try out this wonderful recipe of fruity celery juice. It is a best remedy to make you healthy and burn out your excess fat on your body making you slim and physically strong. It has got lots of health benefits and gives you a good protection from all… Read Article →

Sauteed Celtuce

Sauteed Celtuce Celtuce is a green vegetable which is every popular in the world. It has got a good thick stem which needs to be cut off while consume. This vegetable is very popular in china as it grows there in huge quantities. It has got high nutritious value that makes it a vegetable with high health benefits. Celtuce is rich in vitamins, potassium, iron and magnesium. You can eat… Read Article →

Vanilla Custard Crumble with Mixed Berries

Vanilla Custard Crumble with Mixed Berries This recipe is a dessert dish that takes time and effort, but is rewarding as it makes a delicious recipe that everyone enjoy. Ingredients 1 pack wafers 2 tablespoons vanilla extract 2 egg whites 3 cups non-fat milk 1 cup sugar 1 whole piece vanilla bean 4 tablespoons corn starch 1 teaspoon salt 2 egg yolks 3 sticks butter, chilled ½ cup blackberries ½… Read Article →

Vegetable Egg Sauce with Fluted Pumpkin

Vegetable Egg Sauce with Fluted Pumpkin Egg sauce features in most world cuisines, and can be incorporated with a variety of ingredients making it a very versatile dish. For this recipe of egg sauce, we will be adding the leaves of fluted pumpkin, a tropical vine that’s a good source of iron and potassium as well as antioxidants and protein. Fluted pumpkin has also been known to help prevent cancer,… Read Article →