Sauteed Broccoli Rapini with Potatoes

Sauteed Broccoli Rapini with Potatoes

Rapini is similar to broccoli save for the fact that its buds do not into florets as much as the latter. It is a popular green leaf vegetable in European cuisine, most notably in Italian cooking. It has a very bitter flavor and must be blanched in water and salt to tame the taste. Rapini is beneficial for your heart, helps prevent certain types of cancer and it is also loaded with vast quantities of vitamins A and C. For this recipe, we will pair broccoli rapini with potatoes to make a traditional Italian dish.



4 large potatoes
2 bunches of broccoli rapini
1 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 dozen cloves of garlic, slightly mashed
salt to taste
pepper to taste


In a pot, boil water and cook potatoes until they become tender. Once done, cool the potatoes and cut into thin slices and then set aside.
Remove the stems of the broccoli rapini and cut them the rest into tiny pieces. Boil them in a pot with plenty of salt and cook for about five minutes then drain the water.
Heat the olive oil in a pan then add the rapini and potatoes. Season with salt and pepper and cook until tender.