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Olive Cheese Bread

Olive Cheese Bread Olives are a fruit that comes from the olive tree, which grows in many parts of the world. It is most popularly associated with Mediterranean cuisine, with olive oil being considered as a healthy alternative for cooking oils or garnish, as it decreases the build up of clogged arteries. Olives are also rich in antioxidants, preventing heart disease and certain types of cancer. Studies have shown that… Read Article →

Cress Pesto

Cress Pesto Pesto is a green pasta sauce coming from Italian cuisine. It mainly consists of garlic, salt and basil. Basil is traditionally used for pesto, but cress can be substituted instead, if you’re feeling the need to explore other flavors and ingredients. Cress is an herb that grows in various parts of Europe and America. It is has been cultivated for hundreds of years, chiefly because they’re very easy… Read Article →

Cress Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches

Cress Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches Teatime refers to a meal that is part and parcel of British culture. It is usually served between 4 in the afternoon until 7 o’clock at night. As part of the meal, tea is served with an assortment of baked goods or sandwiches. Cress egg salad is a quintessential recipe that is popularly served during “afternoon tea” or “high tea.” Ingredients 7 eggs for the… Read Article →

bread and cheese salad

Bread – Cheese Salad

                Ingredients: Bread pieces                                       – 4 Cheese                                                            – 200 gm Chopped Karpura thulasi(Tamil)        -1 spoon Tomato                                                – 4 Olive Oil                                              – 6 spoons Lemon juice                                        – 3 spoons Garlic                                                  – 1 clove Chopped Seleri ilai(Tamil)                  – 8   Garnishing items: Seleri ilai(Tamil)                                 – small amount Take 6 spoon of olive oil in a bowl…. Read Article →

Wheat Bread Upma – Preparation Method

PrintWheat Bread Upma Ingredients Wheat Bread -5pieces Tomato -1/4cup Onion -1/4cup Green chili -1 S?mbhar powder -1/4spoon Coriander leaves -small amount Mustard -1/4spoon Cumin -1/4spoon Oil -1spoon Salt -Needed amount Instructions? Chopp the wheat bread into small pieces. ? Add oil in the wok and saute the pepper and cumin nicely. ? Now add tomato, onion to the above and fry till it changes to golden brown color. ? Add… Read Article →