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Lettuce rolls

Lettuce rolls Ingredients: Lettuce leafs : 5 Noodles : 1/2 cup Potato : 2 Brinjal :1 Capsicum : 1 Spring onion : 10 Salt : needed amount Chilli powder : 2 table spoon Oil : needed amount Corindar leaf : small amount PreHeat the owen 180/350 degree Preparation Procedure: Clean the lettuce leaf and cut the equal half of the leaf(Cut off the stem part of the lettuce) Slice potato… Read Article →

Dry Beans and Brinjal Gravy

PrintDry Beans-Brinjal Gravy See Detailed Nutrition Info on Ingredients Dried beans -1cup Brinjal -250gm Onion -2 Green chili -4 Tamarind – marble size Tomato -3 Coriander seeds -2spoon Turmeric powder -1/4spoon Chili powder -1spoon Oil, Salt –Needed amount Mustard, Urad Dhal, Curry leaves –Small amount InstructionsRoast the dried bean and soak in water for a while. Boil the dried beans and chopped brinjal. Crush the tamarind and take the juice…. Read Article →

Brinjal Rice – Preparation Method

PrintBrinjal Rice See Detailed Nutrition Info on Ingredients Rice 1cup Brinjal -4 Onion -1 Tomato -2 Tamarind -Indiangosseberry size Asafoetida powder -smallamount Green chilli -2 Red chilli -3 Chilli powder -1/2spoon Sesame powder -1spoon Oil, Salt -Needed amount Instructions? Cook the rice and keep aside to cool. ? Chop and keep the onion and Green chilli. ? Crush and take the tamarind juice. ? Cut the brinjal into round shape… Read Article →

Brinjal Rice

PrintBrinjal Rice Prep Time: 10 minutesCook Time: 20 minutesTotal Time: 30 minutes See Detailed Nutrition Info on Ingredients Ingredients: Rice – 1 cup Brinjal – ¼ kg’s Coconut – ½ Groundnut – 3 spoons Sesame – 3 spoons Bengal gram – 1 spoon Coriander seed – ½ spoon Mustard seeds, Black gram – 1 teaspoon Sun dried chilli – 3 Turmeric powder – ¼ teaspoon Tamarind – 10 grams Salt… Read Article →