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Spicy Cold Tomatillo Soup

Spicy Cold Tomatillo Soup Tomatillo is a green vegetable related to tomatoes and eggplant. They are widely featured in Mexican cuisine as the main ingredient for green sauces. For this recipe, we will be using tomatillos as the main ingredient for a cold and spicy soup. Ingredients 1 kilogram tomatillos 4 cloves garlic 2 cups cucumber, diced ½ white onion, chopped ½ cup cilantro, coarsely chopped 1 cup chicken stock… Read Article →

Mizuna and Cucumber Salad

Mizuna and Cucumber Salad Mizuna is a green leaf vegetable that originates from Japan, but also grows in most parts of Asia. Mizuna is mostly used as an ingredient for hot pots, soups, stir fry, or even pickled. They can be eaten raw as the main ingredient of a salad, or used as a garnish for main courses such as smoked salmon and varieties of pasta because of its slight… Read Article →

Daylily Salad

Daylily Salad For this recipe we will be using daylily flowers to create a refreshing and healthy salad. One of the interesting characteristics of this flower is that they usually last for just one day, flowering in the early morning, only to be replaced at night by a new flower. Daylily flowers are known to have many health benefits, including the treatment of hemorrhoids, insomnia, as well as detoxifying the… Read Article →

Chicken sandwich

Chicken sandwich Ingredients: Boneless chicken : 250 gram Soya sauce : 1 table spoon Pepper : 2 tea spoon Salt : needed amount Water : 1 table spoon Oil : 1 table spoon Corn flour :1 table spoon Garlic cloves :3 Oil (to fry) :1 tea spoon French packet :1 Milled carrot :1 Cucumber :half Mianious :needed amount Coriander leaf :small amount Preparation Procedure: Clean the meat and remove garlic… Read Article →

Radish-Cucumber-Curd Salad

PrintRadish-Cucumber-Curd Salad Ingredients Tomato -2 Cucumber – 1 piece Spring onion – 1 Radish – ½ Curd – 1 cup Chopped red chili – 1 Salt – Needed amount InstructionsChop the tomato, radish and spring onion into pieces. Take the chopped vegetables in a bowl and mix with salt, curd and red chili and stir well before serving.

Cucumber – Tomato – Pepper Salad

Cucumbers are a good source of B vitamins. Now put down your sodas and coffee and eat cucumber salad. Cucumber is 95 percent water, keeping the body hydrated while helping the body eliminate toxins. PrintCucumber – Tomato – Pepper Salad Ingredients Peeled and chopped cucumber pieces – 2 cup Chopped tomato pieces – ¼ cup Chopped coriander leaves – 2 spoon Pepper powder – 1 spoon Salt – Needed amount… Read Article →

Cucumber Rice – Preparation method

Ingredients: Rice                                                        – 1 cup Cucumber                                           – 2 Green chilli                                         – 4 Ginger                                                  – small piece Lemon Juice                                       – somewhat Turmeric powder                             – somewhat Asafoetida                                          – ¼ teaspoon Salt                                                         – as required Curry leaves                                       – somewhat Mustard seeds, black gram          – 1 teaspoon Ghee                                                     – somewhat Procedure: Add salt with rice and boil. Clean green chilli, ginger and cut as small pieces. Clean the cucumber and remove the outer skin… Read Article →