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Chinese Water Spinach Curry

Chinese Water Spinach Curry Chinese water spinach is a green leaf vegetable that is semiaquatic in nature. It grows abundantly in warm, tropical climates. It is cultivated as a food crop in various Southeast Asian Countries, with a slight difference in traits, depending on which region they are grown. Chinese water spinach is usually used for stir fry, soups, or even steamed in Asian cuisine. For this recipe, we will… Read Article →

Bitter Gourd Curry

Bitter Gourd Curry Bitter gourds are one of the earliest cultivated plants to be used as vegetable crop. It is a vine that is widely grown in tropical and subtropical climates. It is featured extensively in Asian and Indian cuisine. Ingredients: -2 pieces of bitter gourds cut into 1-inch strips -1 white onion, coarsely chopped -2 cloves garlic, minced -1 tomato, chopped -2 red chillies, chopped -2 teaspoons red chilli… Read Article →

Mushroom and Pepper Curry

PrintMushroom and Pepper Curry Ingredients Mushroom -250gm Oil -1/2spoon Pepper powder -1spoon Lemon -1 Salt -Needed amount InstructionsWash and chop the mushroom into pieces. When the oil is heated add the mushroom pieces and fry it nicely. Needed amount of salt and pepper powder should be added and fry it nicely in low flame. When the mixture is combined well add little amount of lemon and finish it. Now your… Read Article →