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Fish fry

Fish fry Ingredients: Arul fish : 1 Rice flour : 2 tea spoon Vinegar : 1 tea spoon Chilly sauce : 100 mille Onion : 2 Oil : 1/2 liter salt : 1 spoon Preparation Procedure: Wash, fish, cut into two pieces. Touch up with mixed rice flour, vinegar and salt. Saute onion in heated oil pan. Add chilly sauce, one pinch of salt. Heat ½ liter of oil in… Read Article →

Fish fry

Fish fry Ingredients: Fish : 4 Garlic clove : 6 White pepper : 1 tea spoon Oil : 1 table spoon Ajinomoto : 1 pinch Preparation Procedure: Clean fish and add salt. Mill garlic. Lightly cut two sides of fish with knife. Add garlic milling, pepper powder, ajinomoto and spread over fish Heat oil in non stick pan. Heat fish in light flame. After fry add nukumum and leave for… Read Article →

Calamari and Couscous (serves 4)

Calamari is a delicious seafood that people undeservedly do not experiment with in the domestic kitchen. In restaurants it is commonly served deep fried or grilled and often features in Italian cuisine. This calamari and couscous dinner is healthy, satisfying and quick to make, making it a great dinner time option. Calamari 800g baby Patagonian tubes and tentacles, cleaned 2g paprika 2g smoked chilli flakes 2g dried thyme 4 cloves… Read Article →