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Chicken flitter

Chicken flitter Ingredients: Bone less chicken : 8 pieces Onion : small Ginger garlic paste : 1 tea spoon Chilly paste : 1 table spoon Egg : 1 Spring onion : small amount Corn flour :2 tea spoon White pepper :2 tea spoon Salt :needed amount Oil :needed amount Ajinomoto :small amount All purpose flour(maida) :small amount Preparation Procedure: Take meat in a vessel and ginger garlic, chilly paste, onion,… Read Article →

Mutton soup

Mutton soup Ingredients: Mutton : 1/2 kg Carrot : 2 Potato : 2 Onion : 1 Maida : 2 table spoon Green pea : 1/2 cup Cloves :5 Cardamom : 3 Cinnamon : 3 Pepper : 5 Milk : 1/2 cup Salt : needed amount Preparation Procedure: Remove skin of carrot and potato and chop. Clean and chop mutton. Heat oil in pan then add cloves, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, chopped… Read Article →

Ban Tiv

Ban Tiv Ingredients: Maida :1/2 kg Sugar :80 grams Baking powder :1 table spoon White sesame : 100 grams Sun flower oil :3/4 liter Preparation Procedure: Mix baking powder with maida and filter 2 times. Grind sugar in mixy. Knead the flour to make poori and wait for 1 hour to fermentation. Make balls out of it to. Roll it out into small circles( add flour only it became sticky)… Read Article →

chinese wonton soup

chinese wonton soup Ingredients: Carrot, beans, cabbage, boiled water : 10 cup Maida(refined wheat flour) : 2 cup Salt, oil : needed amount Preparation Procedure: Wonton in ready by Dough maida with salt and oil Roll out thin circle. Head oil in pan, add chopped onion, green chilly and saute. Add 1/4 cups of carrot milling, cabbage, turnip and boil, again add salt and soya sauce and boil poornam is… Read Article →