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Simple Broccolini

Simple Broccolini The Broccolini is often mistaken for as a young broccoli plant, but this vegetable is actually a hybrid. Broccolini differs from broccoli, physically having longer stalks and smaller cluster of flowers. It has a sweet flavor similar to broccoli with a hint of asparagus. Broccolini contains high levels of vitamins and nutrients, and can easily be cooked in a variety of ways. One of the most popular methods… Read Article →

Potato-Cabbage Soup

Potato-Cabbage Soup   Soups are either served hot or cold can be made using a wide variety of ingredients. The potato and cabbage soup is a thick, flavorful dish that uses 2 vegetables that are commonly available. This recipe is relatively easy to make, but is elevated with the subtle use of herbs, spices, and chicken stock.  Prepare a blender or food processor for pureeing ingredients. Ingredients   1 head… Read Article →

Daylily Salad

Daylily Salad For this recipe we will be using daylily flowers to create a refreshing and healthy salad. One of the interesting characteristics of this flower is that they usually last for just one day, flowering in the early morning, only to be replaced at night by a new flower. Daylily flowers are known to have many health benefits, including the treatment of hemorrhoids, insomnia, as well as detoxifying the… Read Article →

Celery Soup

Celery Soup Celery is a very versatile plant. It’s used both as a spice and a vegetable. It’s also very healthy, containing high amounts of vitamins and minerals as well as a person’s daily fiber needs. Its crunchy stalks are best known as the part of celery most often used for many recipes. Celery is also used as the main ingredient for a hearty soup that’s both tasty and easy… Read Article →

Artichokes and Feta Tarts

Artichokes and Feta Tarts  This recipe makes use of artichoke hearts and feta cheese to make a savory pastry.Artichokes contain vitamins and nutrients that help prevent heart disease as well as Alzheimer’s.   Ingredients:   -200 grams artichoke hearts, halved -2 packs premade puff pastry -½ cup heavy cream -½ cup feta cheese, crumbled -1 egg, beaten -salt to taste -pepper to taste -extra virgin olive oil as needed -baking… Read Article →