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Sauteed Beat Greens

Sauteed Beat Greens The beetroot is a very healthy, nutritious and versatile vegetable. Its roots are usually boiled and used in a variety of soups, salads and side dishes. The “beet greens”, as the leaves of the beetroot are called, are also edible. A popular way to cook the beat greens is to sauté them in olive oil with aromatics and seasoning. This classic recipe is easy to prepare, delicious… Read Article →

Avocado Salad

Avocado Salad Avocado generally refers to the fruit of the avocado tree, a flowering plant that is closely related to bay laurel, camphor and cinnamon. The avocado tree grows abundantly in warm or tropical climates. Avocado is featured extensively in world cuisine, ranging from savory meals, desserts and even drinks. It is very rich in vitamins, most notably vitamins B, K, C, and E. Avocado is also a good source… Read Article →

Fish fry

Fish fry Ingredients: Arul fish : 1 Rice flour : 2 tea spoon Vinegar : 1 tea spoon Chilly sauce : 100 mille Onion : 2 Oil : 1/2 liter salt : 1 spoon Preparation Procedure: Wash, fish, cut into two pieces. Touch up with mixed rice flour, vinegar and salt. Saute onion in heated oil pan. Add chilly sauce, one pinch of salt. Heat ½ liter of oil in… Read Article →

Beef meat

Beef meat Ingredients: Beef : 1/4 cup Onion : 1 Carrot : 2 Capsicum : 1 Ginger : 1 piece Garlic : 4 cloves Soya sauce : 2 table spoon Vinegar :1 tea spoon Sugar :1 table spoon Pepper powder :small amount Olive oil :2 table spoon Preparation Procedure: Prepare the necessary items. Boil beef by adding vinegar. Slice onion, capsicum, carrot in length-wise. Chop ginger into small pieces. Mash… Read Article →


Saiyo Ingredients: Rice pepper (18c) :500 grams Vermicelli : 100 grams Sprouted green gram : 300 grams Carrot : 1 Black mushroom : 25 grams Onion :1 1/2 Egg :3 Fish sauce :1 table spoon Ajinomoto :1 tea spoon White pepper :1 1/2 tea sppoon Chicken(or)mutton(or)prawn, crab flesh :300 grams Sunflower oil :1 liter Preparation Procedure: Clean meat, remove bone and grind. Soak vermicelli in hot water for 10 minutes… Read Article →

Ginger chilly chicken

Ginger chilly chicken Ingredients: Chicken : 1/2 kg Onion : 1 Soya sauce : 1/4 cup Vinegar : 1/4 cup Pepper powder : 1 tea spoon Turmeric powder : 1 teaspoon Ajinomoto : 1/4 teaspoon Gingelly oil :2 teaspoon Corn flour :2 table spoon All purpose flour(maida) :1 table spoon Ginger :1 long piece Green chilly :3 Salt :needed amount Oil :to fry Preparation Procedure: Clean and chop chicken pieces… Read Article →

Chicken fry

Chicken fry Ingredients: Chicken : 1/2 kg Onion : 1 Soya sauce : 1/2 cup Vinegar : 1/4 cup Chilly powder : 1 tea spoon Ajinomoto : 1/4 tea spoon Gingelly oil :2 teaspoon Corn flour :2 table spoon All purpose flour(maida) :1 table spoon Oil :needed amount Salt :needed amount Preparation Procedure: Clean and chop chicken in small round shape. Grind onion in mixi. Take cleaned chicken in a… Read Article →

Prawn Manchurian

Prawn Manchurian Ingredients: Prawn : 1/4 kg Potato : 1 Garlic : 1 clove Onion : 1 Green chilly : 3 Soya sauce : 1 table spoon Chilly powder :1/2 spoon Corn flour :100 gram All purpose flour (maida) :100 gram Egg :1 Ajinomoto, salt :needed amount Oil :needed amount Preparation Procedure: Chop onion, garlic, ginger, chilly. Slice potato. Beat egg and add it in corn flour, maida flour and… Read Article →

King style noodles

King style noodles Ingredients: Normal noodles : 1 small packet Chopped onion : 2 cup Sprout : 1 cup Soya sauce : 2 tea spoon Ajinomoto : 1/2 tea spoon Salt, oil : needed amount 8 Preparation Procedure: As mentioned in packed prepare noodles. Fry noodles in heated oil pan. Keep it aside, again add 1 table spoon oil and fry onion and sprouted dhal. Add 1 tablespoon water and… Read Article →

Shezwan rice

Shezwan rice Ingredients: Basmati rice or normal rice : 2 cup Salt : needed amount Oil : 1 table spoon Chopped garlic : 1 tea spoon Green chilly : 6(thin sliced) Onion (chopped in small size) : 1 Carrot(chopped in small size) : 1 cup Capsicum(chopped in small size) : 1 cup Cabbage (lengthy thin sliced) : 1 cup Leeks leaf (thin sliced) : 1bunch Cherry leaf (thin sliced) :… Read Article →