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Ragi Vegetable Roti – Preparation Method

PrintRagi Vegetable Roti See Detailed Nutrition Info on Ingredients Ragi flour -1cup Cabbage -1cup Capsicum -1 Onion -1 Spring Onion -4 Coriander leaves -1/4cup Mint leaves -1/4 Cup Green Chili -2 Oil, Salt –Needed amount Instructions? Chop the cabbage, capsicum and onion into small pieces and keep ready. ? Add the chopped spring onion, coriander leaves, mint leaves, green chili, and salt to the above chopped vegetable. ? Add some… Read Article →

Ragi Khichdi – Preparation Method

PrintRagi Khichdi See Detailed Nutrition Info on Ingredients Ragi vermicelli -200gm Moong -50gm Onion -1 Tomato -1 Green Chili -1 Mustard, Cumin, Coriander leaves, Turmeric powder, Oil, Curry Leaves, Salt. -Needed amount Instructions? Boil Turmeric and Moong Dal nicely. ? Add oil to the pan and roast the mustard, black grams, cumin, green chili and curry leaves nicely. ? Then mix the roasted mixture with onion, tomato and moong dal… Read Article →

Ragi Idly – Preparation Method

PrintRagi Idly – Preparation Method See Detailed Nutrition Info on Ingredients Ragi Vermicelli -50 gm Ragi powder -200gm Curd -50gm Dill powder -1/2 Table spoon Onion -1 Green chili -2 Coriander leaves -small amount Salt -needed amount InstructionsSlice the needed amount of onion, green chilli, and coriander leaves into small pieces. Crush the Ragi Vermicelli into small pieces. Mix the crushed Ragi Vermicelli with ragi powder. Add salt, curd, sliced… Read Article →