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Asparagus Cress Soup

Asparagus Cress Soup Asparagus is a plant which has got great nutritious value that it ahs been extensively used in ayurvedic medicines. It has got great power to protect you from various diseases like cancer, diabetes, cataract, urinary infections etc. Asparagus would be a best medicine for pregnant ladies in order to prevent all sort of digestive issues thereby maintaining good cardiovascular health. It can reduce the cholesterol levels in… Read Article →

Mayan Chaya Cream Soup

Mayan Chaya Cream Soup This is an energetic and delicious soup which is rich in vitamins and super delight. As the name indicates ‘maya’ which is the medicinal plant having lot of health benefits. It is a leaf which looks similar to spinach. It does the numerous health benefits including protection from disease like anemia, clears the vision, and reduces weight and cholesterol by improving metabolism. It is rich in… Read Article →

Mutton soup

Mutton soup Ingredients: Mutton : 1/2 kg Carrot : 2 Potato : 2 Onion : 1 Maida : 2 table spoon Green pea : 1/2 cup Cloves :5 Cardamom : 3 Cinnamon : 3 Pepper : 5 Milk : 1/2 cup Salt : needed amount Preparation Procedure: Remove skin of carrot and potato and chop. Clean and chop mutton. Heat oil in pan then add cloves, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, chopped… Read Article →

Cabbage soup

Cabbage soup Ingredients: Cabbage :1 Green chilly :2 Spring onion :2 Spring onion(green part) : 2 Oil :5 spoon Ajinamoto :1 pinch White vinegar :1/4 table spoon Lemon juice : 1/4 table spoon Chilli powder : 1/4 table spoon Pepper,salt,sugar :needed amount Coriander leaf :decarate Preparation Procedure: Chop cabbage spring onion, chilli, spring onion(green part) in small size. Soak cabbage in salt water for 1/2 hour. Heat oil in pain… Read Article →

chinese wonton soup

chinese wonton soup Ingredients: Carrot, beans, cabbage, boiled water : 10 cup Maida(refined wheat flour) : 2 cup Salt, oil : needed amount Preparation Procedure: Wonton in ready by Dough maida with salt and oil Roll out thin circle. Head oil in pan, add chopped onion, green chilly and saute. Add 1/4 cups of carrot milling, cabbage, turnip and boil, again add salt and soya sauce and boil poornam is… Read Article →

Sweet and Sour Soup

Sweet and Sour Soup Ingredients: Chopped vegetables : 1 cups Ginger : 1 Garlic : 3 cloves Green chilly : 1 Chilly sauce : 1-1/2 table spoon Soya sauce : 1-1/2 table spoon Tomato sauce : 1 table spoon Vinegar : 1 table spoon Sugar : 1 table spoon Pepper powder : 1/2 table spoon Salt : needed amount Oil : 1 spoon Onion(chopped) : 1 table spoon Corn flour… Read Article →

Ladies Finger Soup

PrintLadies Finger Soup Ingredients Ladies finger -250gm Onion -10gm Tomato -200gm Ginger –Finger size Garlic -4cloves Pepper -1/2spoon Coriander -1/2spoon Chili powder -1/2spoon Turmeric powder -1/4spoon Anise -1/2spoon Oil, Salt –Needed InstructionsChop the ladyfinger, onion, tomato, Ginger and Garlic. Roast the pepper, coriander and crush to powder. Splutter the anise once the oil is heated. Add onion, tomato, ginger, garlic and fry for few minutes. After few minutes also add… Read Article →