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Spinach Soup

Spinach Soup Spinach is a green leaf vegetable that is grown and eaten in most parts of the planet. It is one of the most nutritious foods around as well as being full of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Studies have also shown that spinach contains anti-inflammatory agents and cancer fighting properties. However, spinach also contains a potentially harmful toxin known as oxalic acid. Fear not the spinach though, as simply… Read Article →

Spinach ( Paalakkeerai ) Dosa

PrintSpinach ( Paalakkeerai ) Dosa Ingredients Raw rice -1cup Parboiled rice -1cup Spinach(Palakkeerai) -1cup Urad dhal -1/4cup Green chili -3 Cumin -1spoon Oil, Salt -Needed amount InstructionsSoak and grind the raw rice, parboiled rice and urad dhal each separately. Add salt and mix all the flour. Chop the grind the steamed spinach (paalakkeerai). Add the mixture of spinach, cumin and green chili to the above flour and stir nicely. Now… Read Article →

Semi-Savoy Spinach Dish

PrintSemi-Savoy Spinach Dish Ingredients Semi-savoy spinach -1bundle Thoor dal -1cup Mustard -1/2 spoon Black gram -1/2spoon Curry leaves -10 leaves Red chili -2 Green chili -2 Onion -1 Garlic -10pills Oil, Salt -Needed InstructionsGrind the steamed thoor dal to semi solid condition. Chop the spinach, onion, and green chili. Add oil to the wok and sauté the mustard, black gram, curry leaves and dried chili. After that add onion, garlic… Read Article →