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Carrot – Sprouted Moong Gram Salad

The mixed of carrot and pulses are rich in vitamin A and full of proteins. It is good for eyes and cools out human body. PrintCarrot – Sprouted Moong Gram Salad Ingredients Carrot milling – ½ kg Sprouted Moong Gram – 125 gm Coconut milling – ½ cup Lemon juice – ½ Chopped capsicum – 25 gm Chopped coriander – ½ bundle Salt pepper powder – needed amount. InstructionsTake carrot… Read Article →

Sprouted Pulses Salad

Sprouted pulses salad is very good for males since it increase the quality of fertilization and immune system. PrintSprouted Pulses Salad Ingredients Sprouted pulses – ½ cup Sprouted pearl millet – ½ cup Sprouted peas – ¼ cup Lemon juice – 1 spoon Cucumber, Carrot pieces – ¼ cup InstructionsMix all the mentioned pulses and vegetable in a bowl and serve it.

Sprouted ( Sarai payaru ) – Moong Gram Salad

PrintSprouted Sarai payaru(in tamil)– Moong Gram Salad Ingredients Sprouted sarai payaru(in tamil) pulses -3/4 cup Sprouted moong gram -3/4cup Chopped Onion -1 Chopped capsicum -1 Chopped unseeded Tomato -1 Chopped green chili -2 Lemon juice -1and half spoon Chat masala -1and half spoon Chopped coriander leaves -2spoon Salt -needed amount InstructionsTake the sprouted sarai payaru(in tamil), moong gram, onion, capsicum, tomato and green chili in a bowl and stir it… Read Article →