Ugu Mango Smoothie

Ugu Mango Smoothie

Ugu is the pumpkin vegetable leaves which have got lots of essential nutrients. It has a good power to reduce the blood glucose levels which is useful for diabetic patients. This awesome vegetable leaves is very rich in nutrients and vitamins making your body fight against diseases like malaria. This rich vegetable leaves consist of vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants which can help in giving you healthy and clear glow skin. It can also treat diseases like cancer. This also helps in weight loss and consuming this vegetable leaves would be a great way to become healthy and maintain physically fit body. It can also strengthen the blood cells and with this reason it has been consumed by pregnant women. This heavy vegetable has lots of amazing heath benefits. Ugu mango smoothie would be a good option for everyone who loves to have this vegetable in a variety way. This is a tasty recipe and is very easy now to prepare. See the simple recipe below to enjoy and love ugu with mango

Ugu – 1 cup chopped
Mangoes- 2 cups diced
Lemon- 1
Mint- few
Water – half cup

Preparation method:

  • Take a blender and pour water into it
  • Add ugu leaves, mangoes, lemon and mint
  • Blend everything well
  • Pour into a glass jar and serve

This is a very easy recipe which you can serve to guests also. Consuming this has got very benefits to your body and therefore keep this in your diet as a daily one.