Wheat Bread Upma – Preparation Method

Wheat Bread Upma

Wheat Bread Upma


  • Wheat Bread -5pieces
  • Tomato -1/4cup
  • Onion -1/4cup
  • Green chili -1
  • S?mbhar powder -1/4spoon
  • Coriander leaves -small amount
  • Mustard -1/4spoon
  • Cumin -1/4spoon
  • Oil -1spoon
  • Salt -Needed amount


  1. ? Chopp the wheat bread into small pieces.
  2. ? Add oil in the wok and saute the pepper and cumin nicely.
  3. ? Now add tomato, onion to the above and fry till it changes to golden brown color.
  4. ? Add salt, sambar powder and green chili to the content.
  5. ? Then mix the chopped wheat bread to the above masala and stir nicely.
  6. ? At last garnish the prepared dish with coriander leaves and switch off.